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Menzies Advisory is a boutique city fringe accounting insolvency firm operating within Victoria and Queensland. Menzies Advisory is a specialist in Liquidations, Voluntary Administrations, Deed of Company Arrangement Proposals, Members Voluntary Liquidations and other Special Purpose Engagements such as Turn Around, Corporate Evaluation and Special Purpose Liquidator appointments. The firm accepts all scope and complexity of corporate appointments. Anywhere from minor solvent company appointments with minimal assets (Members Voluntary Liquidations) and small family owned and operated company’s (Creditors Voluntary Liquidations) through to large corporate entities with creditors exceeding 47 million dollars with extensive and complex asset recovery and litigation required under various appointment types.

Despite being boutique, Menzies Advisory is particularly well known within the industry for its large and multipart corporate engagements, which are frequently disclosed in the greater Media within Australia. The Liquidator, Mr Michael Caspaney has been mentioned on Australian wide news television shows, newspaper articles and industry related papers for his work in helping creditors to achieve results against various stakeholders. Menzies Advisory operates with an independent and specialised team which is regularly setting new standards and precedents within the industry both by its techniques and commitment to deriving the best outcome for all parties. Menzies Advisory uses approaches and assessments which are unrivalled by much larger firms within the industry, hence its significant impact and reputation within the insolvency market.



Menzies Advisory has the knowledge, skills and expertise to implement a strategy which ensures the best outcome for all involved. We work closely with your financial and legal teams to deliver thorough and expert advice to each client in accordance with Australian legislation. We offer three principle services to companies seeking external administration: Corporate Insolvency, Corporate Turnaround and Corporate Evaluation.

  • Liquidations

  • Voluntary Administrations

  • Deeds of Company Arrangement

  • Receiverships

  • Corporate Restructuring and Turnaround

“If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same”

Rudyard Kipling

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