Evaluations Explained

Accountants and lawyers concerned about the financial or legal state of a client’s company should seek a corporate evaluation to ascertain the appropriate course of action. This process enables Menzies Advisory experts to gain a thorough understanding of the problems and advise accordingly.


Uncovering Problems

The facts surrounding a company’s financial position can provide our experts with insights into the causes of its problems. Identifying these can allow a thorough assessment of the viability of the business, subsequently leading to actions appropriate to a company’s future. Professional, experienced accountants can work with legal and accounting teams within organisations.


Delivering Solutions

Some evaluations will determine a company to be insolvent. Others may offer a second chance solution. In the case of the latter, as long as directors are willing and capable of implementing recommended changes, our extensive knowledge and experience can lead to alternative solutions which provide the company with a sustainable future.

Gaining a thorough understanding of a troubled company’s financial viability with Menzies Advisory is the first step. Armed with a detailed financial and operational report, we can work alongside accountants and lawyers to determine the appropriate next step. Find out more about your company today with our corporate evaluations.

Corporate Insolvency

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